Best Happy Birthday Messages to Impress your Girlfriend


Birthday Messages for Girlfriend: It must be original (or at least… inspired by a great article about birthday wishes) and from the heart. Birthday of your girl is a special occasion. Cute and heartfelt birthday message will remind her how much she means to you. Yep, her birthday is your chance to turn on the charm and make up for all the silly stuff you’ve done, in one go.

If you want to make her some happier then you should arrange a birthday cake also and make the memories so good that can last in her life. Below, we have listed out many unique and useful sentiments to share. From making her laugh at a silly quote to making her cry with a romantic birthday greeting cards, showing affection by using special birthday wishes will make her birthday a great one.

Birthday Messages for Girlfriend

1) If I give you rose on this special day, it will eventually wither and die, but I give you something that will never wither nor fade – my undying love.

2) Every birthday makes us one year older, but a good kiss can stop the time. Wish to give it a try, baby?

3) “On the special day of your life – your birthday, I want to remind you that you mean so much to me.” I will always be thankful to God for He let me have someone like you. Happy birthday and I love you!

4) “Your birthday is making you sexier with every passing year. Happy birthday hottie.”

5) Words alone are not enough to express my feelings that how happy i’m to know that you are going to enjoy your another year of life..wishing you a very very happy birthday dear!!

Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

6) Happy birthday to my lovely girlfriend! You are incredibly special to me and I cherish our days together. Here’s to many more in our future!

7) When I smell you I smell a rose garden, when I touch you I become numb and when you kiss me I get dizzy. Let’s make this last forever. Happy birthday, my Love!

8) Even at my lowest point, you always have a way of making things okay. With you in my life, the future looks full of victory. Happy birthday beautiful.

9) When I‘m with you, it‘s like a dream come true for me, cause you are the most amazing girlfriend in the world! Happy bday, my sweetie!

10) It is not being in love that makes me happy but it is being in love with YOU that makes me happy. Happy Birthday My Love…,

Birthday Cards for Girlfriend

There are so many ways to express your love and appreciation for your girlfriend on her very special day. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words that would express your feelings. Flood your Pinterest boards with quotes about love and tag her in tweets that bring a smile to her face.

Leave the memories which can make you happy whenever you think about them. Whether she appreciates hand-written notes or simple texts, these sentiments will be ideal. Make sure she never forgets it by putting a smile on her face, warming her birthday messages for girlfriend’s heart and making her feel loved with these birthday messages.

11) Just like the world could not live without sunlight, I could not live with out your love. You are the light of my life. Happy Birthday!

12) It’s a special day for an awesome girl. I love you dear; you are what I am today. Happy Birthday love I hope you get to enjoy this day to the fullest!

13) To my wonderful girlfriend who has showed me what love is and who makes every day a dream come true, Happy Birthday! I am so proud to call you mine.

14) Here are a few standard wishes: love, happiness, success, health and much more. And tonight I will wish you the very best and may all of your wishes and dreams come true. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

15) Every time when I see you, I fall in love with you all over again. Happy birthday to my wonderful girlfriend!

Happy Birthday Love

16) Have I told you that you become more kissable on certain days of the year? Today is one of them. Happy birthday.

17) I feel the sparkle of your eyes and the cute smile when we are together. I want to be your side to celebrate your many more birthday. Happy Birthday dear!!

18) From the minute I saw you, I was hooked. Your eyes, your smile, all of it… perfect! I am so glad to be able to call you my girlfriend. Happy birthday!

19) I hope this day is as special to you as it is to me. It is my most favorite day of the year because it’s the day you were born.

20) To my sweet girlfriend, I pray that we grow old and toothless together. Please never leave my side because you mean the world to me. Happiest Birthday darling!

Birthday Wishes for Lover

Not unless she is a top class magician who can read others’ minds. This is where our happy birthday messages for girlfriend come to your help. For lovers, there is no other day is as special as their loved one’s birthday and every lovebird wants to make it a massive affair by celebrating with each other.

That is why on her birthday you have to come up with the sweetest words for her. Take these ideas and apply your own creativity to give your girlfriend an awesome Happy Birthday and tighten the bonds of love.

21) Happy birthday, darling. You’re my greatest love, my greatest joy, my greatest passion and my greatest adventure — all rolled up into the greatest girlfriend in the world.

22) You are the only person for whom I can forget all the pains and sorrows of life. You mean a lot in my life…Happy B’day Dear.

Wife Birthday Greeting Cards

23) I hope that you get everything your heart desires, not only today but always. I cannot think of a more deserving person.

24) You are a very intelligent woman, I love that you are always right about the important things but the fact that you are willing to be corrected and learn makes you the smartest woman I know. I love you darling. Happy Birthday!

25) You are the best girlfriend in the entire world. I just want to say thank you for choosing me to celebrate with you on this special day. We are going to have an amazing time tonight as I am your love slave for the next 24 hours.

Happy Birthday Girlfriend

26) Happy birthday my little teddy bear, I will hug you tonight like never before, I will kiss you like never before, and I will cuddle my little bear like never before. Just to see that cute smile on your face. I wish to keep that smile on your face all your life. Love you so much… Your big teddy bear… kisses…

27) On your special day, baby, I want to let you know that you are the most special girl that I have ever met in my entire life!

28) As you blow the candles on your cake, I want you to remember that there’s one flame that’ll never go out… the one burning in my heart, for you. Happy birthday.

You can’t go wrong with any of these thoughtfully sweet birthday greetings, so pick the right one and share! Relationships are meant to be fun and life is supposed to made of awesome memories – make sure your girlfriend’s birthday turns into a memory that sticks in your hearts and minds forever.

You should look for some beautiful birthday messages for a girlfriend with birthday greeting cards to send to your girlfriend on her birthday. While there are many human feelings of humor, sweetness, and romance that can easily be displayed through messages, cuteness is something that requires much more effort to convey through greetings.


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